The Astoria Dressage Lesson Program


Riding is Fun!!​


The Astoria Dressage lesson program is unique in that it focus' on each individual having the partnership with horses that fits them best.


At Astoria Dressage students can grow and learn at their own pace. We can work towards goals together and there is never pressure to move in a direction a student doesn't feel comfortable doing. Students learn a well rounded Dressage based balanced seat equitation that allows them to ride any discipline they chose. Some students love jumping, some love western speed games, some love trail riding and obstacles, some love trick riding or horse and pony training, all are valued here!

A typical riding lesson starts with students bringing their mount from the field or stall to the barn. Horses are groomed and tacked up, with the help of the instructor. Proper mounting techniques are practiced, and we start with a warmup and stretch for both the horse and the rider. A new skill is learned or practiced, and then horses are taken outside for a walk around the barnyard. Warmup and coolout is just as important as learning a new skill, and our horses are treated as equal partners. If the weather doesn't allow for a barnyard ride for coolout, a game is played indoors with the obstacles. A favorite is soccer, with our huge soccer ball that the horses and ponies try to push into their goals!

For more advanced riders, grooming and tackup take a short time and coolout is done on a long rein in the ring or outdoors while the ride is discussed and any "riding homework" is given for those who own, lease, or do independent practice rides. 

Showing is available as well as leasing and practice rides for students who qualify. Offsite trail rides and events are available to advanced students as well as in house shows and summer programs for all.